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Stand up for a child today.

Why We Need YOU.

Programs like Oglala Lakota Children's Justice Center, provide critical services for Native American children in need, but often face challenges unique to the reservation setting. In a 2006 report for the Tribal Law and Policy Institute, researchers found that, despite their best efforts, tribal CASA programs are often unable to reach all the children that need help.

OLCJC works around the clock year-round to advocate for Oglala Lakota children in need, but government funding is not enough to sustain the sheer volume of cases that need to be addressed - in 2006, of the 644 children on Pine Ridge Reservation under tribal court custody due to neglect, abuse, and/or family problems, funding and resources only allowed 141 children the opportunity to have an advocate assigned to their case. This left 503 children without a voice. But it doesn't have to be this way in the future.

Our goal is to speak for 100% of our Wakanyeja, but we need your help. The children - and our family here at OLCJC - thank you for your generosity.


How to Help

The most helpful and efficient way to impact the success of Oglala Lakota Children's Justice Center is by making a monetary donation. Just $25 can support a child's advocacy for a month. For every $600 we raise, we can help one more child find a safe home.

For online (credit card) donations, clicking here will take you directly to our host, Justgive.org. Their secure site will also immediately email you a receipt for tax purposes. Every dollar helps.

If you prefer to send a personal check, please mail to this address:

Oglala Lakota Childrens Justice Center/P.O. Box 5014/Pine Ridge, SD 57770

We encourage you to host fundraisers for OLCJC, ask for donations in lieu of birthday presents, and/or consider giving donations in honor of your loved ones as holiday gifts. Please call us if you want ideas on how to get started.

In-Kind Donations

If you prefer to ship items to OLCJC, we keep a current wish list and shipping instructions with Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation. Our wish list can be accessed by clicking here.